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2017 NZ Teachers

Introducing your 2017 Beginner and Second Step teachers


Introducing your Feldenkrais teacher

Tango del Alma

We are a team of 6 teachers who follow the milonguero style of dance from the golden age of tango , between 1935 and 1952.tango del alma

The dance is small, social, simple and sensual with the emphasis on fun, more fun, the embrace, connection with your partner and the music. It's a close embrace dance. No partner needed. We try to balance genders in the class.



021 562 825 


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Tango Collab

TangoCollab2Tango Collab Wellington is a collaboration of Tango teachers combining skill and experience who are committed to growing and maturing the tango community in NZ.

Our philosophy is an inclusive one where we value all styles of Argentine Tango and encourage individuals to find their own path in expressing and experiencing the dance we love.

We act as a focal point for organising visiting teachers, tango events, performances, tango facilitated leadership training, and arranging tuition and choreography for professional theatre, film, weddings and events.

We've created a collaboration of teachers to make the Saturday Classes a regular feature in the Wellington Tango Scene. Local teachers have included Matthew Civil, Monica Gomez, Sanjay Pancha, Nina van Duynhoven, Toni Balland, Peter Williamson, Grant Major, Eileen Baxter, Olivia Sumich, Ian Wilson, and Irina Nearonova, Alex White, and Silvina Pugliese.

We invite many other teachers to collaborate and teach and have facilitated visits by many out of town teachers including Sebastian Arrua and Mira Barakat, Pedro Alvarez, Marian Maguire, Grant Fromont and Kasha Szot, Hosanna Heinrich and Anibal Montenegro, Vio Saraza, and Quique Millar.

We promote tango through involvement in events such as Cuba Dupa or the New Zealand Tango Festival.

Matthew Civil: 

0274 882 646 


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Viva Latina Dance

Alex White has been teaching Argentine Tango & other Latin-American dance in Wellington and abroad for just over 20 years. He started learning to dance as a teenager while living in Argentina. Alex and his assistants enjoy sharing their passion and decades of experience in dance.Alex


Alex White:

tel: 021 8482 53 (021 VIVA LD)


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Tango Lessons Wellington - Stephen White & Elke Schaefer

Elke Schafer and Stephen White from Tango Lessons Wellington, teach Tango Salon and close embrace styles, as you would find in social dancing. We focus on the students needs - providing  clear guidance in how to dance tango, the learning experience is comfortable, fun and enjoyable. We provide individual attention and encouragement learning this wonderful dance. We teach every Monday and Wednesday in the CBD.
Elke Stephen


Phone: 0220245311

Email: dance@tangolessons.co.nz

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Tango Floorspace - Marian Maguire and Rima Herber

Marian and Rima have been teaching in Christchurch for over 15 years and Marian's Wednesday milonga at "Floorspace" has been running continuously since 2004 (with only a two-week break during the earthquakes). They have both travelled to Buenos Aires to study tango in classes and salons. The fundamentals of traditional tango are the basis of their teaching, with emphasis on dancing musically, in tune with each other and navigating the dance floor confidently.

Continuing from the basics, the Second Step classes will provide students with a vocabulary immediately useful for social dancing, which will enable the students to navigate the busy dance floor situations of the festival. 

Followers will be shown how to advance their own technique while also listening for the lead. They will deepen their understanding of how to be truly responsive to both their partner and the music.

Leaders will be given a repertoire of simple traditional tango moves and will be taught how to communicate them through the embrace while retaining their own groundedness. 

Those attending the Second Step course will learn how to fit simple moves to the music and develop skills that enhance their enjoyment of dancing social tango.



Marian: 0272305370

RimaMarian class2



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Body Balance - Sue Field

I offer a unique combination of massage and movement/postural education (Feldenkrais Method).   I have over 20 years' experience, and I'm passionate about helping you to improve your quality of life.

Feldenkrais classes will run on Saturday and Sunday in the lunch hour, see workshop timetable for location.


Text or phone 0274667123.

Email sue@bbl.net.nz




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