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2024 NZ Teachers

Introducing your Beginner and Second Step teachers

Introducing your Feldenkrais teacher



Tango Company

Bio - Tango Company

TCNZ Beginners

For Sebastian, Tango is more than a passion or a heritage: it is the artistic expression of the deep connection that exists between oneself and another. This elegant dialogue that occurs during the dance is a unique moment each time, that extends and contributes to build the spirit of an authentic milonga. As a teacher Sebastian focuses on the mechanics of movement as a way to facilitate that connection with the partner, with the music and on a bigger scale, with the community. But beyond the details of the technique, the foundation and the soul of his dancing is fluidity. 

Sebastian not only provides the keys to the mastery of technique, but he also guides his students through the cultural background in order to appreciate/embrace the roots and the essence of Tango. Based on this, he fosters the personal expression of every single student so they may make the movement their own and shape their dance according to their own vision.Director of BA. Tango Evolution, an intensive tango training hold in Buenos Aires every year.

As a professional dancer, Sebastian has performed in the most illustrious theatres of Argentina including the Teatro Colón — which can be compared in terms of history and prestige to the Scala of Milan, or to the Vienna State Opera. His career turned international in 2010 when he started to teach abroad and to take part in, as an organiser but also as a performer, many events around the world especially in Europe, Oceania and North America. He was based first in Los Angeles and currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand, from where he travels frequently around the country inspiring New Zealand dancers.

Saturday 22nd 10pm-11:30am Beginners Class 1

Email: sebastiantangonz@gmail.com

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Tango Connexion Kapiti

Bio - Tango Connexion Kapiti

tango connexionMark was one of the early adopters of tango in Wellington,

"catching the bug" in 1996. He taught tango in Nelson and Motueka in 1997; a result of which is the Nelson/Golden Bay tango community.

In 2000 he attended the C.IT.A. Festival in Buenos Aires, and experienced huge culture shock. The home of the tango is a challenging and exciting place! He went back in 2001 taking 13 other kiwis along. As a result of that trip the NZ Tango Festival was created. Mark was a teacher at the first two NZ festivals, until it outgrew kiwi teachers.

Mark has been back to Buenos Aires a further 5 times, always taking classes most days from the best in the business and dancing most nights till early morning. Mark has always learned from many maestros, so claims nobody in particular but everyone in general as his teachers. Tango Argentino is all one from his point of view.

Mark started the Tauranga tango and salsa community in 2002. He taught there for 4 years and also in Sydney for 4 years. He's attended 14 NZ festivals, been to 2 of Sebastian Arrua's special training intensives in Buenos Aires, 8 Aussie festivals, danced in the Czech republic, Croatia, Chile and Singapore and all over NZ of course.

Since 2011 Mark has again been living in Wellington, and now on the Kapiti Coast. He teaches basic technique and connection except when he teaches advanced tango, which is also basic technique and connection. Tango is after all simply a way of walking.

Sunday 23rd 11am-12:30pm Beginners Class 3

Phone number: +64 21 2200289
Email: tangomark@proton.me

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Viva Latina Dance 

Denise Hui Alex White 11aIntroducing Viva Latina Dance: Embrace Argentine Tango and Latin Dance since 1997, brought to you by the renowned Alex White, one of the pioneering forces behind Argentine Tango in New Zealand.

At Viva Latina Dance, we believe in providing a transformative dance experience that goes beyond mere steps. Under Alex's expert guidance, our teaching approach strikes the perfect balance between technique and expressive movement, ensuring that our students not only learn the intricacies of Tango but also immerse themselves in the joyous journey it offers. 

Since its establishment in 1997 after Alex returned from Argentina at the age of 18, Viva Latina Dance has spearheaded the promotion of Argentine Tango and Latin Dance throughout New Zealand. Alex has shared his passion for dance by teaching in various cities across the country and exotic destinations where he has continued to inspire and educate dancers worldwide.

Through Alex’s tango journey, he has trained with and learned from dozens of well-known and accomplished teachers such as Osvaldo Zotto, Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas & Pablo Veron (stars of "The Tango Lesson”). Fuelled by an unwavering commitment to personal growth, he frequently returns to Argentina for intensive training, further solidifying his position as a distinguished figure in the Tango community. Alex has left an indelible mark on the world of dance, making notable appearances in numerous short films, festivals, and competition shows. Among his impressive highlights are the sold-out fringe festival show "Penas del bandoneon," captivating performances on national TV in both New Zealand and Argentina, mesmerizing tango theater shows, and even sharing the stage with the esteemed New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO).

Joining Alex is his exceptional dance partner, Denise, who embarked on her Argentine Tango journey in 2019 after experiencing the magic of a free class at Alex White's school. Entranced by the profound emotional connection that Tango offers, Denise has dedicated herself to regular training with Alex and renowned maestras such as Vanesa Villalba, Laila Rezk, and Gisela Natoli. 

For the past four years, Alex and Denise have formed an extraordinary partnership, creating an atmosphere of pure enjoyment and camaraderie for their students. Together, they provide a platform for learning, dancing, and showcasing the beauty of Tango. Driven by their shared commitment to continuous improvement, they actively train with the best in the industry, including the honor of hosting the esteemed World Tango Champs in Wellington and participating in exclusive online private training sessions with revered instructors like Facundo Piñero & Vanesa Villalba, Leandro Oliver and Laila Rezk, Maximiliano Cristiani & Ayse Gencalp.

Saturday 22nd 12pm-1:30pm Beginners Class 2 

Phone Number: +64 21 848 253
Email: vivalatinadance@yahoo.co.nz

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IN-TANGO with Irina 

IMG 8841Introducing IN-TANGO with Irina:

Irina has over 10 years history in tango and 8 years teaching experience in Wellington. She got extensive training from a number of best tango teachers based in Argentina and Europe. Irina enjoys both leading and following, and shares her knowledge generously with the dancers or all levels. She is also a popular organiser and dee-jay of milongas and practicas, and also hosts visiting teachers. Irina is an enthusiastic tango promoter, participating in public tango events as a performer and organiser.

Sunday 23rd 1:30p-3:00pm Beginners Class 4 

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Body Balance - Sue Field

Sue Field has been a massage therapist and Feldenkrais® teacher for over 25 years. She
runs a professional practice in Wellington.

Awareness through Movement® lessons help you refine your posture, movement, and body
awareness, enabling you to perform any activity with more freedom, grace, and precision.
In a class you are verbally guided through a sequence of movements that encourage you to
move in new ways, while bringing attention to more subtle, unseen aspects of movement.
Rather than stretching and strengthening, or copying a teacher, you explore movement in
your own way.

A different lesson will be taught each day of the Tango Festival.
Sue Field





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