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Introducing your festival DJs

Evening Milonga DJs

Lunchtime Milonga DJs

DJ David Palo - Buenos Aires

FB 2024 DJ David palo

David Palo brings his unique blend of passion, rhythm, and energy to the dance floor. With a keen understanding of Tango music and its rich history.

As DJ David Palo is a 'Porteño and Dancer¨, Tango made him as he is: romantic and sweet..."

David will be DJ Thursday night at the New Zealand Tango Festival, at the Welcome Milonga

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DJ Ornella Simonetto - Buenos Aires 

FB 2024 Dj Ornella

As a Tango DJ, she stands out in Buenos Aires and worldwide for her music selection, which has enchanted the milongueros of Buenos Aires with her unwavering commitment to playing traditional tangos. She places significant importance on the orchestras of the Golden Age while also incorporating current music and tangos from contemporary orchestras into her sets. Despite her relatively short experience, she has consistently demonstrated a vocation, dedication, and passion in everything she does. In just one year, she managed to provide music for the most renowned milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires ("CITA International Argentine Tango Congress," "Festival Tango Salon Extremo," "Argentina Tango Salon Festival," "Entre Minas Fest," and "Lady's Tango Festival") and around the world ("Mallorca Tango Festival," "Gavito Tango Festival," "Recuerdo Tango Festival," "Festival Siempre Tango de Baden Baden," among others). She is also the Official DJ for various preliminary events of the Tango World Championship in Argentina.

Ornella will be DJ Friday night at the New Zealand Tango Festival, at Noche de Ensueño.

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DJ Alex Nodelman - Sydney

FB 2024 dj alex

An active contributor of music and pro bono work in the Sydney tango community, DJ Alex continuously works hard to set a high standard to ensure dancers get the best, tango has to offer. Commitment to the highest quality audio and selection has gained him strong popularity and support across Australia. He also spends a lot of his time to explore rare undiscovered pieces and versions, which allow him to inject something unique and memorable. DJ Alex's professional approach and natural awareness for the dancers ensure we are in safe hands.

Alex will be DJ Saturday night at the New Zealand Tango Festival, at Noches de Chantecler.

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DJ Sebastian Arrua - Wellington 

FB 2024 DJ Sebastian Arrua

As a DJ Sebastian creates an atmosphere based on the pillars of tango of the golden era while maintains the energy flowing through the different stages of the event.

Sebastian will be DJ on Sunday night of the New Zealand Tango Festival, at the Farewell Milonga

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DJ Chris Stoddart - Wellington

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DJ Chris originally hailing from New Zealand’s deep South, Chris’s DJ style developed primarily as a protection against cold winter nights. Designed to keep you warm and moving - and with a hardcore conservatism so often associated with isolated communities - that means an unwavering commitment to playing the best and most loved orchestras of tango’s golden age.

Chris will be DJ Friday lunchtime at the New Zealand Tango Festival.

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DJ David Backler - Hobart

FullSizeRender 5

Join us on Saturday afternoon for a delightful lunchtime Milonga with DJ David Backler! As one of the pioneering tango teachers in New Zealand, David brings a wealth of experience and passion to the dance floor. Now based in the beautiful Tasmania, his expertly curated tunes will to keep you moving.

David will be DJ Saturday lunchtime at the New Zealand Tango Festival.

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DJ Helen Guang - Auckland

IMG 0751

Helen has been a tango dancer over 10 years and DJing for Tea and Tango Milonga in Auckland and other tango events New Zealand wise.

I feel honoured to be able to support NZ Tango Festival this year and share the most danceable tango music, keeping dancers on the floor.

Helen will be DJ Sunday lunchtime at the New Zealand Tango Festival.

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