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Free Events

Te Whaea: National Dance & Drama Centre, 11 Hutchison Road, Newtown


Free Beginners Classes

Saturday 22nd June 10 - 11.30 and 12 - 1.30pm

Never danced tango before? Well, this is your chance to try it out for free, drag your friends along or come on your own, have a go, and hang around for the lunch-time milonga where you can try out your moves, and check out what the other dancers are doing. 

The free beginners classes continue on Sunday 23rd June 11am - 1.30pm and 2.30 - 3pm.

Click here to see teachers of the Beginner classes

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Free lunch-time Milongas at Te Whaea

Friday 21st June and Saturday 22nd June 1.30 - 2.30pm, Sunday 23rd June 12.30 - 1.30pm

A great opportunity for beginners to try out what they have learnt in the classes, and to see more experienced dancers in action.

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Feldenkrais Classes

Friday 21st June and Saturday 22nd June 1.40 - 2.30pm; Sunday 2nd July 12.40pm in the Back Studio at Te Whaea

There will be lunchtime Feldenkrais workshops at the tango Festival. Read how the method helps tango dancers :

For me the benefit of Feldenkrais classes is they help me discover new ways of moving that I would never have found by myself - we never know what we dont know, but when I discover that hidden gem, in the genius of a Feldenkrais lesson, there can be wondrous advancement in my balance, sensitivity and responsiveness to my partner, as well as more comfort and ease in my tired body at the end of the night.

See Sue's bio here

Craig Love, Auckland
Tango dancer and teacher


Feldenkrais has extended my range of movements in the dance, and makes moving easier. I've noticed changes in my shoulders (they're softer) and legs, which seem to move more evenly. I find Feldenkrais has the possibility of unlocking options for moving in a more fluid and natural way, which is surely what we all want in tango.

Cashy Yates, Wellington

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