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Performers and Teachers 2024


Carlitos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio


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Carlitos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio

He is a dynamic young milonguero style dancer who has been dancing for the last eighteen years in Argentina and Chile and has instructed at over 100 festivals and workshops in Europe and South America gaining a fiercely-loyal following worldwide.

One of Carlito's first tango teacher was Carlos Malone and Sergio Natario, who taught him the importance of walking.

In 1998 Carlitos began teaching in Argentina and Chile and in 2001, in Europe. Word quickly spread and since 2004 he has instructed in Europe almost full-time. When Carlitos is not touring he resides in Santiago, Chile where he instructs group classes and gives private classes to a seemingly endless stream of advanced students who arrive daily from around the world to work with him.

Dance Style
Carlitos dances an authentic close-embrace milonguero style tango. His personal dance style is characterized by a rare combination of extreme dynamism, profound musicality, energy, precision, and a very grounded and elegant walk.

Teaching Style
As an instructor, Carlitos is masterful. He works on multiple levels with students, simultaneously developing technique and mechanics while challenging the student’s interior landscape, and their process of conceptualizing while they lead or follow.


Agustina Piaggio 

An already very well known young dancer, Agustina won the championship of the world of tango salón in 2019, with Maxim Gerasimov:

See the immersion page for details of their immersion course.

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Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo


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“Giving priority and value to the most traditional form of this beautiful dance I do realize that Argentine Tango is first and foremost a social dance that cultivates improvisation, communication, musicality & elegance. However being a performing artist I believe that by fusing it with a more flexible and modern approach one can break the limitation of the style and use the body as an instrument for the ultimate expression of emotion”

Michael Nadtochi has been a professional dancer for more than two decades. His vast dance experience consists of performing, competing, choreographing and educating dancers and professionals all over the world.

Michael traveled the world and took part in major tango festivals where he taught and performed at some of the most spectacular venues. Germany, Italy, Denmark, England, Scotland, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Cyprus, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Canada & USA are among the countries that he visited as a teacher, special guest and performing artist.

His extensive list of teachers consists of Carlos Gavito, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida, Julio Balmaceda & Javier Rodriguez, Ricardo Barrios and many others who have been as an inspiration on a path of discovering his own Tango.

Currently Michael is the director of Argentine Tango Academy of New York & New Jersey and the founder of The Art Of Tango LLC. As an artist he believes that the most important aspect of becoming a greater dancer is the process of self-discovery. Classes and workshops are only tools that give the necessary technique and  help dancers to discover who they really are.

Elvira is professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Mostly studied and worked in classical ballet. As well learned different styles of dance such as folk dance, contemporary, jazz-modern, classical Indian dance.
Into Tango Elvira transited through Contact Improvisation in 2009.

Important personalities in the formation of her tango are Alejandra Mantiñan, Julio Balmaceda, Vanesa Villalba & Facundo Piñero.

In 2016 started to work in Tango - first in Asia.
From 2017 in Russia.
In 2018 - took a part in a team organizing milonga "Bien Porteña" (Moscow).
In 2019 - won the championship of Russia in category Milonguero. And participated in Mundial de Tango.

See the immersion page for details of their immersion course.

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Jonny Carvajal & Suyay Quiroga


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Jonny Carvajal & Suyay Quiroga

Suyay Quiroga, in partnership with Jonny Carvajal, has recently achieved the pinnacle of Tango success as the 2023 Tango de Pista World Champions. A multifaceted Argentine Tango professional, Suyay is not only a distinguished dancer but also an esteemed teacher and choreographer, with a solid background in classical ballet.

Educated at the Conservatorio José Neglia, Suyay holds certifications both in classical ballet and as a Tango licensed instructor. Her journey in Tango began in 1993, receiving tutelage from numerous Maestros of Tango Argentino, enriching her style and technique.

Her career has been marked by a series of notable collaborations. From 1995 to 2003, she performed in shows, taught classes, and participated in national festivals with her brother, Aoniken Quiroga. Her talent then took her to Buenos Aires for shows and festivals, working alongside Enrique Simone and Julio Mariño between 2003 and 2005. Her global presence expanded through tours in Europe, USA, and Asia with Roberto Reis from 2005 to 2008.

In 2012, Suyay embarked on a new phase, touring internationally and participating in festivals with partners like Paulo Bidart, Christian Sosa, Alejandro Beron, and Cristian Taffarello. During this time, she also founded her own Tango Studio in Castelar, dedicating herself to developing aspiring Tango dancers and teachers, and preparing them for championships.

Her recent years have been equally dynamic. She toured Europe with Diego Chandia from 2017 to 2019, and then with Alejandro Lencina in 2021-2022, adding to her repertoire of Tango shows, classes, and festival appearances.

Her partnership with Jonny Carvajal since 2022 has been nothing short of extraordinary, leading to their triumph as the World Champions in Tango de Pista 2023. They also claimed the Metropolitan Tango and Vals Championship in 2023 and secured the second position in the Milonga Metropolitan Championship the same year.

Suyay's journey is not just a tale of personal achievement but also of inspiring and nurturing the next generation of Tango enthusiasts, contributing significantly to the global Tango community.

In 2020, Jonny worked in Tokyo, Japan, at Tokyo Origin, and founded Tango a la Carta, offering virtual lessons with Tango luminaries.

Jonny's journey includes multiple accolades such as second and third places at the Metropolitan Tango Championships from 2017 to 2019, and being a jury member at the Tangovía Feria Manizales Championship in Colombia.

See the immersion page for details of their immersion course.

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Ornella Simonetto & Leonel Di Cocco


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Ornella Simonetto & Leonel Di Cocco 

Meet the Revelation couple of 2023. They have just begun their journey together, and they have already made their mark in the most prestigious academies and milongas around the world. 

Leo and Ornella each pursued different careers in tango, with Leo standing out as one of the best Stage Tango dancers, and Ornella devoting herself to improvised tango. 

Now, together, they have combined the best of both worlds, resulting in a unique and unparalleled dance.

Aside from joining us in NZ 2024 they will also be performing in Bali, England, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, and Germany. Don’t miss them !

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Leandro Palou & Maria Tsiatsiani

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Leandro Palou & Maria Tsiatsiani are world-renowned Argentine Tango professionals with a remarkable career spanning several continents. They have performed, taught and judged international AT competitions worldwide, including appearances on TV, radio, theatre and Tango festivals across North & South America, Europe, and Asia.

They are highly respected members of the Tango community and are part of the prestigious Tango dance company Tango Por Dos directed by Miguel Angel Zotto. They are also resident Argentine Tango choreographers on BBC Strictly Come Dancing & Dancing with the Stars, bringing their expertise to a global audience.

However, their true passion lies in the London Tango Academy, which they have directed since 2003. The school has been nominated and won several awards, including Best Tango School Worldwide in 2018 and 2019, and most recently, Best Dance School of 2023 in the Prestige Awards UK. In 2018, Leandro received a Recognition of Excellence Award from the UK Argentine Embassy, for his work in Tango.

They are best known for their elegant style, excellent teaching method & strongly believe that connection, musicality and technique are the keys to fully appreciate the art of Argentine Tango, while they remain committed to preserving its legacy and imparting knowledge from the old milongueros, particularly the Villa Urquiza neighbourhood Salon Style.

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David Palo


David is a multifaceted artist with 20 years of experience in dance and teaching. He has danced in the world's most prestigious theaters, integrating award-winning shows acclaimed by both the public and the press. He has also shared his knowledge at top tango festivals on all five continents. His work in the tango field led him to delve into social and stage tango. He directed and choreographed shows in Argentina and abroad, teaching in milongas and academic settings with his own teaching system. His versatility allows him to be part of avant-garde proposals in stage tango as well as traditional salon tango.

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