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Performers and Teachers 2017

Javier Rodriguez & Moira Castellano

Javier and Moira unnamedJavier Rodriguez, tango dancer and teacher, is one of the most recognized figures of the Argentine tango and an indisputable expert in Tango Salon style. For the past 20 years Javier has been a part of the most famous tango festivals in Argentina, Europe and Asia, where he never stopped dazzling the participants with his art of dance and pedagogy.  Javier Rodriguez began dancing tango when he was 18. Together with his first professional partner, Geraldine Rojas, they quickly became one of the most sought after tango couples in the world. They toured the globe, performing in the best theaters and working in the most prestigious tango festivals.

The next stage of Javier’s professional tango career was his partnership with another prominent dancer, Andrea Misse, with whom Javier worked for 9 years until Andrea's tragic death in 2012. Together with Andrea, Javier toured throughout Europe, Asia, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile and they continued being one of the most popular couples worldwide.

Javier's teaching focuses on technique, posture, and elegance, emphasizing those many little important details that can polish and perfect your dance.

Moira Castellano is a professional tango dancer, choreographer and teacher. She has an extensive dance background going back to her childhood, when she studied ballet and modern dance. She discovered tango in 1996 in Rosario, Argentina, with maestro Orlando Paiva. Shortly after she moved to Buenos Aires where she studied with various famous maestros, such as Vanina Bilous and Roberto Herrera, Natalia Games and Gabriel Agnio, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, among others. Between 1999 and 2006 Moira lived in Paris, France, performing as part of the Caterine Berbesou company in work that was based on tango, theater, and modern dance.

After partnering with Pablo Inza for a couple of years, in 2008 Moira began her partnership with Gaston Torelli, with whom she has traveled all over the world, teaching tango dancers, as well as performing at milongas and on stage in Europe, Canada, Asia, and the US.

Experienced teacher, Moira Castellano is currently one of the references in the Argentine tango pedagogy. She is renown for the quality of movement in her dance, in which she projects elegance, personality, tradition, and innovation. In her teaching Moira focuses on basic concepts, such as liberating your body and conditioning it for dancing, connecting with yourself and your partner, internal movement vs external movement, sensibility and quality of movement.

Moira is also a co-organizer of Misterio Tango Festival, one of the most important tango events held yearly in Buenos Aires.

See the immersion page for details of their immersion course.


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Alicia Pons

Alicia5Alicia Pons is an internationally renowned dancer and instructor with a refined technique and distinctive personality. She is most known for her beautiful and unique foot play and the strongly sensual connection with her partner. It is usually said that her feet float like feathers, her steps are impeccable, her dance is fluid, her musicality exquisite. She exemplifies communication, connection, and presence in the dance and this is a focus in her teaching for both men and women.

As one of her students, now also a tango teacher, put it: “There are teachers, masters and grandmasters; Alicia Pons is definitely a grandmaster, not only is she an amazing inspiring dancer and performer, but she also has a very unique distinctive approach in the way she teaches tango, her passion, technique, experience, pedagogy are amazing and solid, because they are grounded in her academic background.  Alicia Pons holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Educational Science, making her one of the world’s most sought after Tango Masters. If you truly want to experience what tango is all about, please don’t miss this unique and amazing opportunity of training with one of the best grandmasters of tango.”

See the immersion page for details of her immersion course.

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Ricardo Viqueria

Ricardo4Ricardo Viqueira is a "milonguero porteño" and his connection to tango has deep roots.  In his teaching Ricardo emphasizes the close embrace style and the roles of the individual axis and connection between partners. He teaches his students how to recognise opportunities to change direction, develop the ability to dance in small or crowded spaces, and to create their own personal dance.  His teaching is all about dancing in the milonga. Ricardo is known for his ease, elegance, musicality and masterful footwork as well as for being a passionate and inspiring teacher.  Ricardo is also renowned for dancing Milonga Lisa and Milonga with Traspié and Canyengue.

He was the man behind the revival of the historic and well known Club Sin Rumbo in the neighbourhood of Villa Urquiza. He also organized the Cristal Tango in Avenida San Martin in Buenos Aires.

He is one of the most respected and sought-after teachers in Buenos Aires and in the rest of the tango world. He teaches regularly in Italy, France, Spain, UK, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Brazil, the United States, Korea and China.

See the immersion page for details of his immersion course.

Sebastian Arrua & Soledad Larretapia

Sebastian and Soledad2Sebastian has been dancing for 23 years, his journey in dance began at 8 years old, his father Oscar Arrua was a great influence, and was his first dance teacher and role model. At a young age Sebastian performed with dance troupes.  At age 13 Sebastian enrolled as a full time student at the National School of Dance N1 (Escuela Nacional de Danzas N1), he graduated 5 years later with a national teaching qualification. While completing his studies he performed and competed in many important national dance events.  Sebastian has a personal style of dancing based on salon technique but influenced by a rich variety of sources. For him, the most important aspect of the dance of Tango is the dialogue and the deep connection that happens between the couple, which is expressed with elegance and fluidity.  Sebastian feels it is the teachers responsibility to help the student develop a strong technical base and to encourage each student to understand the wider cultural context of tango. It is very important that students learn to express themselves in their own dance as a way to deepen their experience of Tango. This understanding enriches the dance.

Soledad started dancing Ballet at the early age of 5, and she continued her education in Flamenco, jazz and many other dances until she was 13 years old. 

In 2002 she started dancing Tango and trained intensely. By 2005 she was already teaching in one of the most prestigious dance schools/Milongas of Argentina called La Viruta, and also other schools like Tango Brujo, La Maleva.
She started traveling to teach abroad in 2007. And that year, she also discovered Swing Dancing.
Since she is the only professional female dancer of both Tango and Swing, she travels worldwide to teach both styles and share both cultures with the world. She has been in Canada, EEUU, Italy, Spain, England, Turkey, Russia, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Rumania, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, among others...

As a tango dancer, she participated in few festivals.
Here some of them:
Kiev International Tango Festival
Montreal Tango Festival
Stockholm Tango Festival
Tango Magia Amsterdam
Warsaw Tango Festival
Antalya Tango Festival
And more...

Dancing Swing, she won 1st Prize in the Team Division and 2nd Prize in Slow Dance Couple in ESDC 2012 and in that same festival, in 2013, she won 3rd Prize in the category Lindy Couples and 2nd Prize in Slow Dance Couple.
She also participated and taught in Argentinian Festivals such as the LHAIF, and Swingin’ Festival.
She is currently working to spread Lindy Hop (Swing) in Latin America; she was the first Swing teacher in La Plata (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina) and has been teaching in many cities around the country.

Her unique style, both in Swing and in Tango shows a mixture of sensuality and elegance, that captivates the audience immediately.

See the immersion page for details of their immersion course.


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Amelia Rambe & Ferrol Matthew

Amelia FerrolAmelia Rambe and Ferrol Matthew have been dancing together since May 2013, and are well known for their elegant, energetic and passionate dance.  They were in top 5 in Mundial Tango Pista 2015, Subcampeones (runner up) for Metropolitan 2015 Category MILONGUEROS DEL MUNDO in Buenos Aires. They were also Subcampeones for the Asian Championship 2015 in Japan. They have performed in prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires such us as La Baldosa, Malena Sunderland Milonga, Salon Canning, Confiteria Ideal and Milonga "25" in Villa Urquiza. They have performed and taught in festivals in Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo and Bali.  When they are not travelling they can be found at home in Jakarta teaching in their busy school Java Tango, which they founded themselves.

See the immersion page for details of their immersion course.


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Quique Miller & Belen Silva

Quique and Belen2Quique Miller is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and actor. He began his training in the field of the arts in the mid-nineties, in the city of Cordoba. There he worked as a teacher conducting dance workshops for Luz y Fuerza and also at the National University of Cordoba.  From there he moved to Buenos Aires to pursue his career in professional performance and currently resides there. He has worked as choreographer in the prestigious show "Piazzolla Tango". He taught at the Escuela Argentina de Tango from 2007 - 2008 and is currently teaching at Fundación Tango Argentino. As an actor, he has performed at the Teatro Colon Opera House.

Quique has a comprehensive and interdisciplinary training that includes not only tango dance but also contemporary dance and disciplines including Reiki, Chi Kung and Yoga.
In 2000 and 2003 he toured Italy, France, Germany and Spain and over the past few years he has taught and performed extensively in Australia and New Zealand.

Belen Silva started her Tango journey at a very early age, in her home town: Avellaneda. 

She studied with the most experienced Technique Tango Teachers, between the late 90’s and beginning of 2000 : Elina Roldan, Guillermina Quiroga, Aurora Lubiz, Elina Ruiz, Paula Rubin…
But it was Alejandra Arrue who was her mentor and biggest influence. Belen was her assistant in the Centre “Cultural Konex”, Milonga “La Nacional”, “Cachirulo”, and the Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires.
Belen and her partner were selected with other 4 couples (from 100 Tango couples) to work for the biggest Tango event that the famous Argentinean Newspaper “Clarin” hosted in the 9 of July Avenue for one week.
Working in the most prestigious shows in Buenos Aires, she developed her very own Tango Style. Japan, and now Australia (her hometown) are some places where she has worked as a teacher, dancer and choreographer.
She was the Director and Founder of Made In Argentina Festival (Sydney Australia). The first Cultural Festival of its kind, working with Argentinean and Australian artists. The Festival had its own show: "The Red Rose" (2013) with two presentations in Sydney and Newcastle with full house in both occasions.
Her last work was “The Art of Cadencia”(2016- produced by Anna Griffiths) at The Basement in Sydney.


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